Our Vision...

A Hoover community in which every citizen feels comfortable, safe, valued, seen, and understood.

Our Mission...

To promote racial and ethnic equity and inclusion within Hoover

Who We Are...

We are a group of Hoover residents committed to celebrating diversity and promoting racial and ethnic equity and inclusion throughout our city, recognizing that every member of our community deserves to feel comfortable, safe, valued, seen, and understood.

How You Can Get Involved

We encourage any Hoover stakeholder (resident, business owner, educator) interested in learning more about service opportunities to contact us at HooverAHEAD@gmail.com

Stand with us to move Hoover-AHEAD

Hoover-AHEAD is on a mission to celebrate diversity and promote equity and inclusion throughout our city.


  • I pledge to be open to an ongoing transformation within myself and the institutions and structures of our community.  
  • I will refrain from the use of negative, intolerant, and insensitive language and behavior towards others.
  • I pledge to be open to educating myself on ethnic and racial diversity, equity, and inclusion and share what I learn in my own community.


*This pledge has been adapted by YWCA USA from the Pledge to Eliminate Racism in My Life, YWCA Bergen County which is an adaptation of the Pledge to Heal Racism in My Life, Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace, April 10, 2006.


For Hoover Residents Only


If you are a Hoover AL resident, you are invited to take our 2 minute Community Diversity Survey, which helps us better understand the current opinions and needs of our city.

*All information is used for Hoover-AHEAD planning purposes and not shared.


Key Racial Equity Definitions

We discovered that the lack of a common understanding of even the most frequently used words in any discussion on race can easily cause misunderstanding and confusion, and often lead to controversy and hostility. It is essential to achieve some degree of shared understanding in the use of the most common terms. In this way, the quality of dialogue and discourse on race in America and your community can be enhanced.” 

All the ways in which people differ; encompasses all the different characteristics that make one individual or group different from another. It is all-inclusive and recognizes everyone and every group as part of the diversity that should be valued.

Racial equity

The condition that would be achieved if one’s racial identity no longer predicted, in a statistical sense, how one fares. This includes elimination of policies, practices, attitudes and cultural messages that reinforce differential outcomes by race or fail to eliminate them.


Authentically bringing traditionally excluded individuals and/or groups into processes, activities, and decision/policy making in a way that shares power.

Implicit Bias

 Also known as unconscious or hidden bias, implicit biases are negative associations that people unknowingly hold. They are expressed automatically, without conscious awareness. Many studies have indicated that implicit biases affect individuals’ attitudes and actions, thus creating real-world implications, even though individuals may not even be aware that those biases exist within themselves. Notably, implicit biases have been shown to trump individuals’ stated commitments to equality and fairness, thereby producing behavior that diverges from the explicit attitudes that many people profess.


Everyday verbal comments or non-verbal gestures relating to identity that leave a lasting, negative impression on the receiver of the message, often coming from well-intentioned people that don’t fully understand their biases


 Someone who makes the commitment and effort to recognize their privilege (based on gender, class, race, etc.) and work in solidarity with oppressed groups in the struggle for justice. Allies understand that it is in their own interest to end all forms of oppression, even those from which they may benefit in concrete ways.